Tips for LinkedIn Users

As we know LinkedIn is predominantly a business social network with millions of active users. It is wrong to think, that this site is used only for job search or something like that. It is a great base of connections and data, which can be really useful for you. Due to it you are able

How to make e-mail commerce work for you

Opening the letter The “From” field together with the topic are the key points of the efficient email sending. Even if a person has subscribed to receive the letters from your company, he/she your letter can remain unnoticed in a large flow of incoming mail. According to statistics subscribers open and view no more than

How to find your dream job using LinkedIn

Have you tried at least once in your life to look for a job? Certainly there was such a situation. Another question is have you managed? If you are happy to go to your work, do not wait for a lunch break, everyday you are surprised to note that the working day came to an

Some SEO Tips for Bloggers – making Google-friendly posts

SEO is not a particularly hot topic these days, but SEO remains an important part of improving your presence in Google searches, and therefore getting the resulting traffic. A great article published just a few days ago on outlines many of the important components and techniques that add to the SEO-strength of your blog

Comparing Google+ Circles with Facebook Lists

It’s hard to talk intelligently about Google+ Circles without working with it and seeing whether it eliminates or increases confusion. There’s no question it introduces a perceived level of complexity that your average Facebook and Twitter user don’t want to deal with. For starters it assumes you want to follow people who don’t necessarily want

Reflections on Creating a Google+ Business Page

I complained yesterday about the way you move in Google+ between your personal profile and business pages. I try to set this straight at the end of this post. Let me backtrack just a bit for now. I’m going to ignore yesterday’s complaints and just assume I don’t understand Google+ yet.

Jumping into Google+ – Confused? Who me?

I’ve decided to jump into this Google+ thing with both feet. The first thing I’ve learned is that there is no shortage of Google+ experts publishing posts like: Using Google Plus: A Guide for Local Businesses 10 Reasons Why iLove Google+ Are You Commoogling? – An Introduction to Google+ 7 Point Checklist to Dominate Your

I’m going to stop ignoring Google+ at least until I figure it out

I’ve decided to explore Google+. Like most social media services, other than Facebook to some extent, this is one I have ignored since its inception in 2011. As I have explained elsewhere, I have spent the best part of the last two years ignoring just about everything work, internet, and social media related because of

Using Twitter for Business: Having the Right Attitude

Do you have the right followers? (image source: As I mentioned in a previous post, if you are trying to use Twitter for some business purpose you really have to think it through right at the beginning. Start with your profile and a very concise statement of what your business or service is about

Using Twitter for business: Your Twitter Profile

Can Twitter be successfully used to promote your business? If you haven’t already guessed, the obvious answer is “Yes it can, but…” It’s the “but” that will make the difference. Of all the things that will make your use of Twitter successful, the first is this: Your Twitter identity must be properly focused on your

Starting Over on Twitter

I must admit I’ve been dabbling in Twitter for what seems like years (well, it has been years), but I’ve never really learned how to do Twitter talk. I think I got off to the wrong start about three or four years ago. I set my account to automatically follow anyone who followed me and

Running a Facebook Contest is a good way to build a FB following

Running a contest on a Facebook Page tab is a good way to accomplish several things at once: 1. First, the Contest itself will create interest in your FB page and/or your blog. It is a good way to generate traffic. If the contest is generic enough to promote broadly you can list it in

Fixing a Disabled Google Adsense Account

This article is excerpted from the LeadsLeap Blog, written by Kenneth Koh in 2008. As far as I know the information is not out of date, but if it is, please let me know in the Comments. To read the entire article just follow the “Read More” link at the end. “My Google Adsense account

Promote your BBM Channels here…

Just add Channel Name, pin and description in a comment… like this… Guitarbandz, C00303692 – Guitar gear, guitar lessons, guitar legends, guitar bands of the 50s to 20000s

BBM Channels has serious potential

With the successful release of cross-platform BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) the new service from Blackberry called BBM Channels has a chance to become a useful business promotional tool. Unlike mainstream social networks like Facebook and even Pinterest, BBM is essentially a mobile-first network. This means that it has been designed to complement the BBM messaging service